Global Typhoid Genomics Consortium

Our Mission: We aim to engage with the global typhoid research community in order to aggregate S. Typhi genomic data to monitor the emergence and spread of drug resistance and inform targeted public health action. 

Consortium goals


Code, data and resources developed / maintained by the Consortium are summarised here:


The Consortium's first paper is now published in eLife: "Global diversity and antimicrobial resistance of typhoid fever pathogens: insights from 13,000 Salmonella Typhi genomes". Read the paper here.



How to join

If you are interested in joining the Global Typhoid Genomics Consortium, please first read the Memorandum of Understanding for consortium members and the associated Code of Ethics.

If you would like to register for membership, please complete the registration form and then email a signed copy of the MOU to

Contact us

For queries, please email

Feel free to watch a recording of our webinar for more information about consortium goals, activities, and how to get involved. 

You may also wish to sign up to our mailing list or follow us on twitter @TyphiNET